Some Social Network Site “Analyzes Me”

Some Social Network Site “Analyzes Me”

I let a site called Twinterest stick its nose in the butt of my Twitter feed and tell me all kinds of things about “who I am and what I care about.”  Some of the results surprised me, some were dead wrong and some were oddly revealing. Here are the most LOL-able moments.

My only “military interest” is Pancho Villa. Probably because it’s a two-for-one margarita bar.

My only interest in the physical sciences is “lactic acid.” Natural sciences is “vas deferens.”

My top “medicine interests” include MDMA, cocaine and ketamine. I need to quit tweeting while I watch exciting people on TV.

Under “health conditions,” among trichotillomania and ringworm, I see “micropenis.” I can guarantee you, there’s no micropenis on this girl! High five? No ringworm either. Woo. Trichotillomania can happen to any one at any age.

“Eiffel Tower” is my number one “place,” not because I want to go to France, but because my friends frequently talk about methods of mid-three-way congratulation.

One of my “nature interests” is popcorn.

Damien Hirst is my second highest “drink interest.” Is that a cocktail in Minneapolis, and can I get one now?

Only the TV part truly understands me. It knows how much I love “Top Model,” “¡Despierta America!” and “Beavis and Butthead,” all at once.

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